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Hmmm Give Sugestions About ...how can U get the Flash Intro of sites from other sites..i-e.. If u wana steal others falsh site Templates and site layout wht will u use and how can U steal It.. and site intro also?is there any programe for this Work because when U save the flash site it wont display the intro or flash animated doesn't show Up ,..can any one tell?


okay... i think u only save the html file of the flash site... in order to save the flash u want... u need to get the swf... to get this swf file there are 2 ways... go to the source of the site [View > Source in menubar of the top of ie] den search for swf inside the source... once u find one... it shld be the flash u wanted... copy the whole site [e.g. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/] here's the 2 way to retrieve it...

the first way is to have a download manager and copy and paste the site to the download manager to download...

the second way is to go to your c drive > documents and settings > [your current username of your computer...] > Local Settings > Temporary Internet Files and search for the swf file... [not the whole site... eg. intro.swf] once u find it... copy and paste to a place u want it to be...

tadaa... u got the flash u wanted... i can't guarantee you that the above action would not cause u any kind of trouble... cuz taking others work without permission from owner and place in at your site as if its yours is consider plagarism and the owner can actually take serious action on you if he want... i urge u to get permission from the owner or at the very least... give them the credit they deserve... unless u have the permission from the owner... i still can't guarantee you that by giving credit to the owner u wun get any kind of trouble... but there are lotsa site where they give great free intro flash for u to put at your website... one of the site i can remember now is http://www.flashkit.com/ this is one of the best among all those...


can we use Swish in place of Falsh .. + i tried to search in temporary internet Files .. and when I directed them to Flash .. it gave me the message "format is not supported + i cudn't find any SWf File in temporary internet Files .can u copy it through temp files?. is there any software for this purpose ?..


i dun really get u... but if u can't get it in by searching the temporary internet files... try the first method... some download manager are DAP, flashget, etc... these can be found in download.com... if you wan, i can help u get it out... if u still want to find it in your hard disk... here are some of my guess y u couldn't find it... you either access the wrong user's temporary internet files... (c drive > documents and settings > [your current username of your computer... u can check your username by seeing [username]'s document folder which should lies in your my computer... the [username] is your current user...] > Local Settings > Temporary Internet Files)... or u have clear your temporary internet files... (if u have delete your history... try reloading the site)... maybe ur folder can't see the extension... the system just show u the description of the extension... for swf file... its type description is Flash movie... anyway... don't search by type first... search by letter... for example... intro.swf would be store in your temporary internet files as the same name... view the folder in detail view... order it by file name... go to the "i" (first letter of the name... for our situation... first letter of intro.swf is "i") section and find intro... once u saw it... make sure its .swf or type is Flash movie... this shld be the file...


try flash downloader/grabber like save flash. most of this appz incorporate with ms ie you also need a flash decomfiler in case you want to decomfile swf and build it in flash but not in swish. look for this appz in download.com this appz is not free.


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