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To start off, I want to say that there are many animation programs for PDAs out there. I have searched a lot, and I have found the best one out there. I know it costs money, but it is the absolute best. It is Novii Animator. I use it because it is the ONLY animation program that runs smoothly on my clie. It has variable animation speed, color fill, text, etc. But, you can only create 5-frame animations with the demo. Try it out.


I have found all kinds of animation programs, most of them on Freeware Palm. The have lots of them. But, if you have a clie, like me, none of them will run smooth except for novii animator. See my previous post for a link. You can also just go to http://www.oalaah.com/sale/index.html, or http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Add some links to some of the programs that you find. Thanks.


If you go to the Novii Animator Gallery, you can see one of my animations. It's called "Darkness" by Steve.


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