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wuts best for makeing templates


wut is the best program to make templates for website?


If you are making an HTML template, I just use Notepad. If you don't know HTML, learn it. It's the most common language. Disregard that if you already know HTML.in conclusion, Notepad does the job.


wut is the best program to make templates for website?


Do you the program like DreamWeaver ?For window DreamWever is the leader,...

but kc8yff says a right thing, in fact with NOtepad you learn to write directly in html, that is the most used Lang(markup) i think


Basically any program of that sort, photoshop for graphical layouts. Never tried dreamweaver, that's like notepad on steroids isn't it. If you want to see a list of layouts with not ONE graphic, go here:oswd.orgLook at those purdy layouts with not one graphic in sight.


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