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Ctrl key problems


I was trying to make a selection using the magnetic lasso tool and every time I get about half way done my screen goes blank. I can hit enter and return to the original screen but then ive lost my selection. I have used other tools to make a selection and have not had problems, only with the magnetic lasso tool does this happen. Does anyone have any tips?


It seems to work fine for me, i made the selection with no trouble. Instead of using the Magnetic Lasso tool use the Polygonal Lasso Tool. I cannot think what might be causing your problem, there may be a corrupt file somewhere relating to the Magnetic Lasso tool. I am not too sure.


I use to make complex selections, the pen tool, select tool go to up toolbar, and select paths instead shape layers, now go to path window, make new one, now start to draw with this tool, you create points, beizer curves, etc. Once you have the path, with control key pressed you can select andmove points or adjust curvature, click in same path and you can create a new point for better adjustement, if you dont like the curve press alt key and select point and you can redefine, also if you select with alt key, "controls point" a litle lines with small circle at end, you make this point to be a curve. When you finish the shape, go to path window right click make selection, and you have almost perfect selection.


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