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HI,I'm not an expert (yet!) in PS7. But I'm wondering why there's a color difference between what you print on a home printer and what you send to the lab to be developed (on photo paper)????I did a montage with KAKI (pale green) borders, it looked good on the screen and on my printer. SO I sent the file to be developed on photo paper. To my suprise the borders are now LIME (green) color, instead of the more KAKI green (Original montage). Is there anything I can do to get a more WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) feel between the ORIGINAL, PRINTED and DEVELOPED (photo paper) versions????


Some colors may look a bit different on particular types of paper...Photo paper is most importantly pure white, while the ordinary copy paper we use in our home printers is rather a really really bright gray. Also, if you use glossy photo paper, you get the impression of more vivid colors and higher contrast, thus otherwise pallid colors might look a bit more intense.Also, some printers have a different color range than others.This depends on the type of ink, the number of ink cartridges and the technology used (lithography, thermosublimation,...).It would help a lot, however, if I knew which printer you use at home and- if possible- which printer they use at the lab where you send your pictures to.


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