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JPEG 2000


JPEG 2000 is a file format that provides more options and greater flexibility than the standard JPEG (JPG) format. you can produce images with better compression and quality for both Web and print publishing. Unlike traditional JPEG files, which are lossy, the JPEG 2000 format supports optional lossless compression.The JPEG 2000 format also supports 16-bit color or grayscale files, 8-bit transparency, and it can retain alpha channels and spot channels.Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, and Lab are the only modes supported by the JPEG 2000 format.


how can i save a file into jpeg2000 do you need extra software to do this? or can i use paint to do it? ive also heard that png (portable network graphics) are a much better alternative can anyone care to comment on this aswell thanksmrc


I never heard of this jpeg2000. Actually saving as png will keep the quality of your image the best after you save. This is implying if you use paint. I use Adobe photoshop, which gives me the option of choosing my quality for my jpeg. And when put on max quality, it kicks to much png *bottom*.


I agree with iTagger. Photoshop's "Save for Web" option, together with the layers, is probably the feature I use most. PNGs are good for quality but they're still quite hefty when compared to JPGs. If you're lazy go for PNGs, but well-optimized JPGs are leaner and load much faster.


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