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Basic Border


To start of this tutorial, get a background that you want to use ready. 1. Create a new layer (layer>new layer).2. Use the paint bucket tool and fill that layer with any colour you want your border to be (i chose 3D3D3D).3. Select your polygonal laso tool, and draw a shape on your filled in layer that you want to show your background (hold shift for straight lines).4. Hit Delete.5. Hit Control+D (deselect your layer)6. Select your eliptical marquee tool on the long toolbar, (right click rectangular marquee tool and select optical) and change its style to fixed size, then change its size to 10x10 like so.7. Now lets place some circles on your border, to make them pixel perfect make one then move that already placed circle to the right a bit by using the right arrow key.8. Now press Control+D to deselect again, and then press the right mouse button and go to blending options, here you have alot of options to choose from, for now were just going to use bevel and emboss, so select that. and you will see 3 lines with arrows on them, move the size arrow a little to the left so that it is 2.9. Then tick the gradient box and select it, change the style to reflected and opacity to 70% then click ok.


or...1. Create new layer. (This should be layer 2)2. Hold Ctrl, and click layer 1.3. Click layer 2.4. Go to Edit and click stroke.5. Choose the option outside and choose the color.6. Click OK, and Ctrl+D (this will deselect)7. Your done, very simple.


or, select the ellipticle marquee toolclick-drag a box around the object you wish to have a border around (even the circular marquee.. or any others..)goto Select (at the top toolbar)goto Modifygoto Borderthen depending on the resolution of the spreadsheet your working with, just enter a pixel number (eg for a 1024x768 image, 10 pixel is ok for a border)select the color you want for the border, and make it the secondary color by pressing 'x'.. once youve selected your desired color ( 'x' key switches the pallete your working on around)then press ctrl-backspace (or fill area), and doneif you want, after filling the area, deselect the 'border' action (by going into the history tab and clicking just above the 'border' action) then go to select/modify/border again, and do about 3 to 5 times the pixels you entered beforepress enter, then, create a new layer and set the Fill [ % ] field to about 30 or 40%then fill with whatever color you wish.. to create a Glow around the border.or if you want to do something quickly, just goto the same layer you did the original border with and click on effects -> outer glow, then fiddle with the settings there =]


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