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Basic Info About Warning Panel - How To Remove Warning


With the new version of IPB, you sort of have to stretch a little to remove a member's warning. And it is a stretch to explain it so I opened this topic in case IPB decides to make this system stick for a longer period.


Moderators now have two ways of taking action against a member in the warning panel. One is to use the predefined reason & punishment options, you get to customize how long a member remains suspended or choice to ban him permanently. I think this is yet to be configured properly or is raw since all of them show the same punishment and points despite the difference in their severity


The second way is kinda similar to what used to be in the previous versions, you need to first navigate to the member's warning panel through the warm member option. You select "Others" from the drop down of reasons. Now, you can decide to add or remove warning points. I am assuming, IPB already has something in the back end to automatically suspend / ban users based on points but like I said earlier, it is either not configured or is raw.


Since we are removing a member's warning, you need to - x where x is the number of points the member has. In this case 1 since the member had only 1 warning point against him.








If you choose to warn using "Other" it also gives you the option to automatically remove the warning points after a specified period. So if you are sure a member will be good, you can always set that along with the warning



thanks. enjoy your holidays.


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