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Boyfriend And His Girl Bestfriend, Help

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Hey,So my boyfriend has a had this best friend for less than a year who is a girl. Me and him went out for about 5 months before we broke up and they became best friends, and now we are going out again and have been for around 3 months. The problem is that recently I've really started to become jealous of them. I'm not a jealous person, and I don't mind when he hangs out with any other girl at all, its just her that irks me.She basically looks like me as well, except she is more popular. His sister told me that she used to sleep over at his house and come out wearing his shirt but when I asked him whether they had ever slept together (when we weren't dating), he said that that was just the way they were and no way had they slept together.She has a very upbeat personality (a lot of people find her too intense) and I can understand that she would always be calling him and talking to him and that would be none of his doing.But recently, he told me that he was really struggling with work and that he hardly even had time to see me any more, he was quite upset, and i told him that we could see each other less if he needed more 'me time' because usually I like to see him at least once in the week and once on the weekend. I'm not a demanding girlfriend, I don't ask him to call me all the time or see me everyday or anything like that but he still felt this way. Then a week later he is getting coffee with her, and seeing her on the weekends and not inviting me to come out. Then I start seeing photos of them taking 'selfies' together, and tagged in pictures at a party, it's like he sees her more than he does me.I think he stays at her house sometimes as well (and doesn't tell me), and I'm really not comfortable with that but can't say anything since he's never outright said that he has.He also used to post all this stuff on her facebook (when we weren't going out) like 'I loooove you! <3' and 'call me asap' and '<3' quite a lot, which he never has done for me. (He has told me he loves me though, in person and somtimes text). It's gotten to the point where when she comments a '<3' or 'you're so amazing!!' on his photos I get so jealous that I've started to actually hate her, and have become really anxious about whether he'd rather be with her.Is it possible that either she doesn't like me (so tells him not to invite me when she's there) or that he just enjoys hanging out with her more than me? I feel like I'm competing with this girl for his attention and that most of the time she is winning.I don't really know what to do,any advice would be awesome.


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