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Adding A Media Player On A Page


A friend gave me this code and I'm yet to try it. She said this only works for audio files. <EMBED src = "SONG.MP3" width = "145" height = "25" LOOP = "true" AUTOSTART = "true">Do you know any codes for putting a media player on a page to view videos?


If you have frontpage go to insert>Web component>select media player compnent in it. After it is inserted go to the HTML view in fronpage and copy the generated code. That's the easiest way and there won't be any mistakes. I don't know HTML that well.


To use video files use the same code, but only insted of song.mp3 pu thename of the file(ex. video.wmv)!!!p.s. Do not use use width and height if you wanna see video in its 100% size (use these tags if you want to make it smaller or bigger).


Hi there, i found this bit of code to put windows mediaplayer on your website. You should play with the values for different apperiance of the player. eg status etc.<object id="Player" width="272" height="240" classid="clsid:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95"><param name="filename" value="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ name="transparentatstart" value="-1"><param name="autostart" value="1"><param name="showcontrols" value="-1"><param name="ShowStatusBar" value="-1"><param name="AutoSize" value="-1"><param name="ShowPositionControls" value="0"><param name="ShowTracker" value="0"></object>


I've tried putting a movie on my site, I used the embed code. PLease can you look at it because it doesn't seem to be working.
'The data that the plugin requested, did not download succesfully'.
Why is this?


That is a quick time movie so you will have to add this code to you embed tag:


I think that that will work!!!


Will it? Well I'm changfing to windows media player movie anyways. So I'm gonna use that windows media player code for my movies now. Class action baby! Soon I'll have awsome videos on my skate site.


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