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In Love With 2 People?


Well kinda the back story: married my highschool sweetheart at a very young age and had a son. After four years of marriage filed for divorce because we had a lot of problems in our relationship and I felt he didnt treat me right. Yet even after the divorce we still continued to see each other we couldnt seem to break off the relationship. Yet now he truely tried to make it work but I was the one who was not good to him. This continued for 2 yrs. Anyhow, I had to go out of the state to fix some legal things. He told me he would wait for me to come back but i told him not to because i didnt know when i would be back. We kept in comunication because of our son and he continued to say he would wait and after I agreed. Yet a few weeks later he said he would no longer wait for me and was moving on. Month later I found out he had another relationship. It got kind of complicated then because he continued to tell me he loved me but was in that relationship. I then asked him to make a decision between that girl and me...he told me he didnt love her but it was complicated with her and he had to continue with her for reasons he couldnt explain to me. I was hurt by this and at that time a guy asked me to go out with him I did in hopes of trying to forget my ex. I began to fall in love with this man he is totally different from my ex and even from myself and there are a few things i dont like but he trys to make it work and shows he truely loves me which has made me appreciate and feel love towards him..yet at times i still think about my ex..and now even more that he is once again talking about being with me again because he hasnt been able to forget about me. I am in conflict i dont know what to do. Im not sure about my feelings either. Any Advice?


I think you are a bit confused if i may say. You divorced a guy because you couldnt be with him anymore, now after you broke up you still see him i think you need to be single for a while and know exactly what you really want in your life. To be honest your ex has moved on but he is just keeping you sweet so that when he sees you next time he will sleep with you. If you continue like this you are going to apend the rest of your life alone waiting for a relationship that ended ages ago. Move on with your life. Find something to do to distract you from this guy. If it means you tell him to come and see his child somewhere do it because i can see that he knows you still want him and you cannot move on and he tells you that he still wants to be with you. Wake up girl stop being used and enjoy your life. Men will never say i dont want you they will always come back and say the same old story of how wonderful you were together or you should have done this and that for your relationship to work. Becareful if you go back he will dump you and you will get even more hurt. Move on


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