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Facebook Problems Bug in editing features?


I hope I am in the right topic here, as I could not find anything which seemed relevant to what I want to post.Also, I am posting a Facebook issue here as Facebook support is practically non-existent and I am pinning my hopes on finding someone here with enough Facebook knowledge and experience to help me sort out my problem.The issue is the following:I have my own personal Facebook page, and I have set up two other pages for marketing/advertising purposes, starting from my personal page, from where I have set my self as Admin for the other two pages (as facebook requires you to do).The first page works with no problem, everything is in place, I have a "Like" box, referring to the Facebook page, on my ordinary website, so, no problem there.However, the second one, I have done all the same I did for the first one (set myself as Admin from my main page, started a profile, uploaded some pictures and made some posts).I also have a "Like" box on my normal homepage, and that all seems to work, but, when I go to the page in question, I am still left with the option "Getting started", although everything is in place like it is on my other marketing page, also, it is just impossible to edit my profile.When I add information to my profile, after clicking the "Save" button, i am left with a blank box and no confirmation about my information having been updated appears.When I go back to my profile, ntohing at all has changed.Still, when I look at the page itself, everything looks and seems to act quite normal.If anyone wants to have a look at both of my marketing pages, just type in the search bar "Berkshire Music Institution" (that is the one functioning normally), and "Slough Artists", which is the one with the problem.I am not sure whether looking at the page(s) willl give you any further information, but you never know.Or maybe, and i am hoping this is the case, there might be some experienced people here who recognise the symptoms of my problem and might have a solution.If anyone goes and have a look there, by the way, I could still do with a few more "Like" clicks on both pages, I don't know, probably clutching at straws here, but, is that not part of or THE reason for my problem?One of the rules is, to get an own facebook URL/address, you need 25 "Like" clicks, both of them are just below that, but, who knows, maybe it is OK for one page but they are a bit stricter for a second one?No idea.I would be very grateful for any helpful information.Thought I'd post an update here too:The help topics say the "Get started" bit automatically disappears after you have added some pictures, added basic information and have got a bit of a fan base, all of which I have got.Although it saya "21 people like this page", in some bits of the page it says "You do not have any Likes".This is driving me up the wall, and there seems to be no way you can contact facebook drirectly, or is there a way?Please help!!!!!!!!


Bro I Think You Are Left With Three Options Only :


1. Delete & Recreate The Page.

2. Try To Contact Facebook Support.

3. Wait For Sometime ... May Your Luck Will Automatically Solve The Problem...


But From My View You Should Try To Change Your Current Email Address Of That Page Or To Refill All The Information Carefully... Any One Method May Help You


Well this does not happen usually, you can check your settings and Page insights for clear picture.


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