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Help Needed For Making A Website Please Help Too many problems


Can anyone please help me to make a secure website where users can login and are able to manage their account .My websites URL is temporarily this ( http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ) . Its a site where one can plan his daily tasks . One more problem i face is that my website ( http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ )loads very slowly . Is this due to the heavy images i have used on it . Does removing the CSS sheet would solve the problem or should i add an additional link which forwards to the website with the CSS style sheet disabled . Will this be fine for users .Additionally , i wanted to ask that is a temporary domain ok . I wanted a domain like homeworkplanner.com or something like thatAlso can someone please tell me the php code for adding an event manager chart .


From the look of it you have already created a site where users can login, register and so on. Also the site speed is probably down to your webhost and not css related , I have a very fast internet connection and it is still slow. Are you on a free host? If not then you should probably contact the support dept. and file a complaint.Also, you want someone to write you an event manager chart? You would have to give more information about your code structure and database information before you can get that type of support, there isn't just one standard of php code design that people can just "tell you", it has to be custom built for custom systems.


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