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Your Worst Dates


So here is a space to laugh a little bit remembering about the worst dates we?ve been. It?s funny to see how you get into horrible or senseless situations just for dating hahaha.I?ll start and actually happened to me not to long ago. So I start talking to a high school friend after not talking to him for about six years, we kind of had a history from high school so the plan was to hang out and have a couple drinks. We start drinking remembering old stories about high school and suddenly out of nowhere I see his face lips everything approaching to mine and I?m like WTF?????? , so my reaction was to stop him by putting my hand in his mouth and saying like don?t get any closer to me who do you think I am???, so the guy was like oohh I?m sorry blah, blah, so everything went downhill from there, I was pissed and started being rude to the guy so we could leave faster.The funny part is that the next day he say hi to me on msn, and I say hi back, and he starts talking about how I was rude last night, and I was like what did you want to be happy after what you did??, and he said "OH BUT I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU WERE MAD ABOUT IT" and I was like ????? is this guy stupid or what?, I said to him like I have to super dodge your kiss even shut your mouth with my hand is it enough signs that I did not want that?. So it ended like that, the guy never spoke to me again (thanks God) and erase me from everything facebook msn cellphone hahaha.


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