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Joomla Vs Wordpress


What are your opinions of Joomla and Wordpress.I'm currently developing a site that Joomla Based and so far have found it easy.I did have a wordpress blog, but from some of my collegues they coaxed me into going Joomla.Is it worth the time, or do you prefer Wordpress.The great thing about my experience is that there are so many extensions available for free and easily customizable.


Well I haven?t work on wordpress but with Joomla and so far I have found it a very complete CMS, because it basically make you do whatever you want with it, so I believe it has far more option that wordpress, because this one concentrates more on blog pages? correct me if I?m wrong, but anyways Joomla like everything takes practice, I still have to learn a lot how to use it, because there are so many features that I would like to learn how to use it specifically with joomla, for example the Jquery menus to integrate them with Joomla and still make them easy to update, I still don?t know how to do it, and the truth is I haven?t tried either.


I have no idea of Joomla yet since I am new to blogging. I'd tried Wordpress and it is an excellent blogging sites. But then I need to ad some Adsense ads and you need to pay Wordpress just to do that so I stop using Wordpress and now I am using Blogspot. Well I think if you are into making money through blogging and you don't have enough money to pay for the rights to post you ads, the best blogging site for you is Blogspot. At the same time it is own and manage by Google.


Wordpress is very good because there are so many plugins avaiable and people are always developing to make the experience better. The interface is easy to use and it's keep evolving.

Joomla, on the other hand, is a very complex CMS. I think it's designed for people who loves programming and do their own code. It takes time to get used to the system but it's good for making a big webiste such as e-comm.


WordPress all the way! 2 reasons, well I would say 3

1. It's simpler to use.

2. It's been getting the best CMS award since last 2 yrs. [it's just not a blogging engine]

3. I've personally used it for more than 4 yrs. now... so I know what I mean

There is hardly anything that you can't accomplish in WordPress and the amount of plugins & themes that are available for WordPress can put any other CMS to shame.


I m use wordpress.WordPress is a best content management system.


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