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Sending Me Sms Over The Internet A script to put on my page.


Not 100% sure whether I am in the right place here, but I didn't know where else to post this.


i was wondering if anyone knows about a script, or a website tha toffers a link to put on your page (preferably free and with no advertising) which visitors can use to type text in a box, which then gets sent straight to my mobile phone.


I know there are certain places which, when you affiliate with them, let you put a script on your page where people can enter a mobile phone number and a message, and their message then gets sent to the phone in question.


That is not a bad service to offer, however:

The receiver's number is/ has to be known.

Many of them are not free.

Many of them heavily rely on adverts.

Some of them are only regional, eg. US only etc.

What I would like is a box on my website, where people type their message, and that message is sent to me as an SMS, without revealing my mobile number.


Another nice feature would be, since I own a Blackberry Phone, if I could put something on my site where people can type to get into a Blackberry Messenger conversation with me, or even better, a script that combines both features: people can either type a message to send as an SMS, or get into a BBM chat with me.


Does anyone know of such a script or website?


Please let me know.


Thank you in advance.



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