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Excel Vba Macro Paste As Value On Cell Change? Please Help


I need a solution to create an Excel 2010 Macro to copy the value =NOW() and paste as value from and to a relative cell in the same row (6 columns to the right) whenever a cell value is changed. Basically, whenever I edit the cell, it'll create a fixed timestamp off to the right.I have researched Worksheet_Change() and the Application.SheetCalculate = SubName with little sucess. Either I am pasting it into the wrong part of VBA (but I've already tried Sheet/Workbook/Module) or I am missing the right code to make my Sub start on the event trigger, but it does not want to work whenever I use it. If I can get it to at least run, I could figure out the rest...I've been programming in Excel VBA to create Excel functions for a bit of time now, but making an automated macro seems to be a completely different syntax since I am now working with cells, not just producing a value from a formula within the individual cell.


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