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Review Art By J Frances - Layout Updated


After 3 years and new domain later I updated one of my first freelanced websites http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. The reason I went with this template, GASP!, is that it uses HTML5 code, second, it opens up the website in terms of whitespace and organization and simplicity itself. Cause of that openness of the layout I was able to increase the size of the thumbnails from 140x140 to 200x200 and with that I did a combination JQuery/slimbox with the images which I definately like.

Two things I already know that need to be fixed is the banner and the flash slider, any recommendations on a better flash slider then this shareware would greatly appriciated.


The site should be (re)checked in all browsers; it looks different in each (so far it looks the best in Opera). Also, forget about the (a) flash slider; there are many JavaScript scripts that accomplish the same thing. I would also change the smaller text font to a sans-serif font and have the layout in equal width of the banner.


truefusion is right, the site looks different from browser to another. i tested it in opera and firefox. also i think you should work more on the whole layout structure, it should be fit with each other, for example the white line under welcome is shifted to the right. the copyrights should be centered or shifted to the left. and i think that there are better jquery image slideshow, check this link http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ i like the header, you did a great job choosing this painting, it fits with the background color, but i think the quotes should be in a smaller font. other than that it looks great, well done.


AAAARG!! is what I said when I check all the browsers, but it was a CSS error and now its all fixed. As for the banner, its actually smaller and since I didn't have a original version of the image I couldn't properly resize the image.


As for the banner, its actually smaller and since I didn't have a original version of the image I couldn't properly resize the image.

You could add a border on each side to fill the gap in width. I would recommend a color that hasn't already been used on the site (excluding the image itself) but matches with the image.


Try using Thumbnails this image is way to big, this will make your website more easy to access, the load time of that picture was like 7 or 8 seconds. The site overloade my PC with memory, please be more thoughtful with extreme high resolution pictures.


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