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Premium Ad Networks Yup, they make ya rich... Or do they? :)

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So I was thinking the last few weeks about choosing an appropriate advertising solution for my own website, which will basically have to earn me lots of money. My eye caught one of them "premium ad networks" that look and feel great. You can see them in action on sites like zeldman.com (in the sidebar), elliotjaystocks.com/blog, jasonsantamaria.com (in the footer) and similar.


The only flaw of these otherwise great networks is they cost a lot to the advertisers ( well, that's actually good for us, the publishers ), and that they're invite-only - which means you first must become famous and have good articles and design for them to take you in (Like Jason, Jeffrey and Elliot are; also, they aren't PPC which means their publishers must have a lot of monthly visits). They also don't charge by click, but give you a determined amount every month which does not change. Excellent! Perfetto! =)


Now, there are quite a few of them in existence:


- Ads Via the Deck ( on decknetwork.net ) - Probably the most "exclusive" and "classy" one, clearly states a month of advertising costs $ 7000 dollars and big companies like Adobe use it.


- Fusion ads ( fusionads.net ) - Another great network, invite-only but also a lot cheaper than The Deck ( $ 1200/month ).


- Ads by Carbon ( https://carbonads.net/ ) - Very similar to the other ones, but still fresh and new. I haven't found the prices yet.


- Influ Ads ( influads.com ) - Not so exclusive, which is a by-product of the fact that you can contact them if you'd like to be a part of their network. None of the others don't offer that... =(

I wanted to know your personal opinion on these, and weather you know any others. I'd love to find out more since they'd really look great with my current site layout (which isn't yet on line; but in progress ).




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