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I'm Horny ... dont get the wrong idea


If you thought the topic title is a bit blunt or odd, then that just supports my suggestion all the more, for that is the very thing a certain mood icon will be informing the masses. Upon viewing all the moods from the new mood modification, you'll come across a mood that, as far as i am concerned, should not exist: horny. The animated image of two smilies engaging in movement that implies sexual intercourse, i would say, only makes things worse. All the other moods are fine (i suppose), but the last thing i would want to know (and do) is that someone on this forum is horny, and while observing their animated mood icon.


Yes, HORNY mood has nothing to do @ Xisto. thanks for pointing it out. -- MOOD REMOVED --


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHImagine when I read the topic and the last reply to the post was "OpaQue!!" I thought he finally lost it! LOLOh crap! Now the last reply is from me and it reads, "I'm Horny" by BuffaloHelp...


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