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How Do I Change Table Border Color In Mozilla Regular code: bordercolor=#000000 doesnt seem to work.


Hi all, I am making a website and want to change a table's border color. I am using the regular code of: bordercolor="#000000", and it just stays white, any help would be appreciated. The link to the test page is here.

I am using CSS for the tables but it's too complicated for me and no tutorial can explain it plain enough with complete instructions on how to do it all. I have made the site completely on my own but I am no HTML / CSS guru by any means.


I am using CSS for the tables.

Oops, I mean I would use them, but too complicated for me.


ok DJM, you have two options:

either use only html for the table and it should be like this:

<html><head></head><body><table border="4" bordercolor="#CC9900"><tr><td>this is a test</td></tr></table></body></html>

or using CSS within your code, like this:

<html><head><style type="text/css">table { border-color: rgb( 100, 100, 255); border-style: solid; } td { border-color: #FFBD32; border-style: ridge; }p { border-color: blue;border-style: solid; }</style></head><body><table><tr><td>this is a test</td></tr></table></body></html>

if you want more options for border color and style in css, check this link


by the way i tested both, and both ways work for me, if you got any error just post your whole code here and i am happy to help you.

p.s there's "</html>" in the end of each code but i don't know why it didn't appear.


Ok DJM, you have two options:

Hey it worked! Well my friend, you are a gentleman, a scholar and a genius. Has anyone ever told you that? I knew it would be something completely simple but I am not that great at HTML/CSS stuff. So thanks very much, I appreciate your help.


any time, we are here helping each other in everything. so any time you need anything just post it, good luck with your project.


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