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Bb Code Bug [resolved]


I have found a bug in the system concerning BB codes. It deals with URLs and rich text.




The ingredients are as follows: one URL with a hint of text with rich text formatting following the URL, simmered at any amount of rich text formatting. Due note that any additional URL will only burn the text (even more).




Humm... something that Invision guys didn't think of!I think you should report this to their bug reports page. How did you ever find that and what are you doing testing out bbcodes? LOLHave you found a bug in my chatbadge yet? Use "test" like in my signature.


I think LittleAsterik was the first to point it out, but since i easily managed to fix his post, i didn't think much of it. It wasn't until yesterday that i made this post and found it odd that "at most" would turn into "um sett" if i were to give it some form of formatting. You can try it yourself and edit that post of mine replacing "at most" with

[b]at most[/b]
So as i was making this topic, i started testing it out till i found the problem and then published this topic. Concerning reporting it to IPB, i can't tell whether this is a side effect of something OpaQue did or if it is really a bug in the IPB forum script.

I have not tried your chatbadge yet, as i prefer to have as little traces of being able to contact me to whatever extent possible on the internet.


I have dug deeper in the problem. It does not seem to deal necessarily with the URL BB code itself but quotation marks! Behold: " some rich text. One simple quotation mark and it all goes in the blender. Single quotations do *not* affect the BB code. Therefore, if you want to use any kind of BB code, then avoid quotation marks or use single quotations—this is the current work-around.


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