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Joomla Site - Template Not Suitable.


Hello, we use joomla 1.5 for my site. The site is an ezine for home makers and requires a lot of content.There are three different pages and on each page there are few articles. The front page of every section only enlists the heading of the atrticle. Now this particular template is not accepting any smaller font sixe for the heading and the whole age is really looking unattractive.I want one heading below the other but that is also not happening. All my time isspent in placing the article heading appropriately. Ultimately I have given up that. But the problem remains. Can any one have al ook at the site and give appropriate suggestion?http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Thanks in advance


I know I am probably late on this, but there are hundreds of free joomla templates out there. And it's actually pretty easy to configure a template to suit your own needs. But if you don't know how to do that,just find a template you like, and with some kind words, you might, just might, someone out there who willing to do or make the changes that you want for it/ Or you could barter something for the work.Just a suggestion.


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