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My New Design


After a very long pause i am back here again.


I had school homeworks too much and i didn't have some time for Xisto (actually knowledgestura)...


So here is my new design for a weather service.The service is called Vreme.mk (macedonian Време.mk).So it is fresh and better for eyes then other designs from me. You know i want so much black but this must be some fresh color so i did it blue.



welcome back thedarkhacker, i am from the new members, not very new about four months ago. i like your design, the color looks great and related to the subject "the weather". i hope you can add a link to bigger image view. thank you for sharing.


I rather like the design. It's really simple right now, but I know that you'll work on it further and make it better. Keep in mind that what makes a website attractable on first glance is interaction and how easy it is to look at. I know spamming black and red everywhere makes it look cool, but the effect wears off after a while and it gets really hard to look at. I had to learn this the hard way.Overall, it's off to a very nice start. Thanks for sharing.


Again with a pause.I am posting at another forum too so, sometimes i forgot this one I updated this design,and now the boxes are with a shadow.Also i am working on the content,searching,making website dynamic.I've got a message from mandla for help.So i will reply here publicly... This weather service will get embed code which will be used for displaying current information about a specified location.Currently this service is local and it is not on Internet.I hope i will finish this project for about 3/4 weeks.


I quite the design mate its simple enough but I can't help thinking maybe you should spruce it up with something at the bottom there.Some sort of box where users can post something maybe or just random things like describe where they are and just tell how the weather is like? It has to be smart how you implement this if you choose to but overally the homepage is looking good.All the best mate.


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