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Linking Strategies : Natural Links What are linking strategies ?


Hi to all
I'm sure that everybody in here knows that the key to gain traffic for a website is by learning some SEO strategies and try to apply them on the targeted website * in our case it will be mine *.
All SEO trategies are good , and will attract visitors to your website , but searcjh engines , sometimes prefere one strategy more than another one.
We are not going to talk about all the available strategies , because it will take all the boards mysql space , instead we are going to speak about the more important one of them *or i think it is* ; mean THE LINKING STRATEGY .
Let's learn some about that :
You can link to other website via your website and it will be Outbound; , or
You can acquire links pointing to your website via other websites and it will be Inbound .
If you want to increase your website's traffic and or ranking you need to use one or all these linking strategies :<br>

In order to understand this ,let's say that your website will be website 1 , my website will be website2 , and Xisto will be website 3

Unidirectional Linking : website1 links to website 2.Reciprocal Linking : website 1 links to website 2 , and website 2 linkback to website 1.
Multiple Website Linking : website 1 links to website 2 ,website 2 links to website 3 , and website 3 linkback to website 1.
Directory Linking : submitting your website to a directory ( DMOZ for example ).
If this looks easy to you , then you need to try doing it , it's the hardest work ever for a website owner

Wait... before you start linking , you need to know these facts :
Don't get too many links too fast ( for example 400 links a day ) risk of sandbox effect i'll try to write a topic about sandbox effect and how to avoid it
Don't get backlinks from link farms ( link farms are the page designed to add reciprocal links ).
Try to find a good website , with quality and relevent content , to link back to you (you don't need linkback from cooking website , if you have a computer website)
Backlinks to your website must be done with an anchor text.
Anchor text is the word or the phrase on your link ;for example
<a href="https://xisto.com/ webhosting</a> ; where Quality webhosting is the anchor text
Just here on Xisto ,you can grab hundreds of backlinks to your website , but to qualify for good backlinks , they must come from good ranked websites with relevent content !
PS : remember that Links manipulation , can get you banned from google , or even sandboxed , so be carefull while you try to get backlinks .


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