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Ek-mail How many emals do you receive?


After coming home at night tonight after being out all day at work and school, I turn on my computer to discover 15 new emails! My normal maximum is generally 6. This got me thinking...are 15 emails a big to-do, or is that common?Therefore I am entitling this as Ek-mail. Describe how many emails on average you receive each day, the largest number of emails you remember receiving, and some other tidbit.


I only got 8 emails today, 4 were from Facebook and 4 from friends replying to emails I sent them.Usually I get around 6-7 emails a day. I remember receiving around 20,000 emails in around 2 months because of spam sites etc.


Hello,i m new here. But i will not hesitate to say how many emails i get.Usually i get 35- 40 or more/day.But i dont have friends to send me emails.I just try to earn pocketmoney by getting emails.Yes, the most of the emails sent to me are paid emails from various opted in site... But i don't face problem with them, as i just convinced myself for gettin more than 50 emails/day.


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