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Edit Disability Proposal For Legitimate Users


Since the 10 minute time limit for editing posts, i was hoping an alternative, a kind of white list, for legitimate users can be made. It seems a bit unfair that longterm legitimate users be restricted because of spammers. I would consider something dealing with member groups, but that requires constant manual work from an admin. I'd consider something dealing with insignias (since moderators can modify this field for members), but if insignias worked like that, i don't think there would be a GFX Crew member group today—but if they do work like that, maybe allow current insignias and add a "privileged" one for legitimate users to bear no time limit?So my only suggestion, then, deals with post count (assuming IPB allows for this). I do not know which members were the cause of this decision, but if we are dealing with spammers, it may be safe to assume that these members didn't get that far up in post count. So my suggestion is to make "Privileged Members" and above (i.e. those with more than 500 posts) "more" privileged, by being white-listed (i.e. bearing no time limit). I realize that it is still possible for users above 500 posts to commit acts that caused the time limit to come into effect in the first place, and i unfortunately don't have any great suggestion to counter them, but if necessary, maybe increasing it to at least 700 posts or more may help.If i knew more specifically what these spammers did, i could probably suggest other alternatives to deal with them.


Sorry truefusion for the delayed response! I forgot to check the Staff section. Since the moving of the forum from at the top to the near bottom, I keep forgetting to check in with this area. :DI can only guess the spammer(s) in question is(are) easy to spot. It's members with short history of joining our forum yet they racked up so much in myCENT.And I don't know how OpaQue is handling the time out limit as groups with moderator privilege are able to edit posts well after the time limit. So I believe it's group permission based rather than some plug-in or something else. The insignia will not have any affect on the permission.This leads to the next question: should we create "privilege" group so that those members have free reign of editing their posts and bypassing the time limit? Only OpaQue can say yes or no. I do think that instead of giving this automatic elevation (which IPB can do) of group privilege based on their post counts, I rather have manual admin approval to be listed in this "privilege user group." But are we then further segregating/alienating Xisto members?The reason I say this is because I created the Spam Patrol insignia in hopes that those who bear the mark would be moderator like--preventing spam--yet I see that few of Spam Patrols are spammer themselves. (Moderators are always excluded ). Not only that, one of them were reported to me because of his/her outlandish behavior around the forum and forum members. I would like to take the insignia away but I may be acting in haste. So I'm waiting. While I wait, I question the entire creation of Spam Patrol. I think few of those who wear it give them the false sense of higher authority. And I also wonder if creating another group can do the same.Bottom line is that you never know who will continue to be respective Xisto member and who will not--this includes long time members. When I took over, not many months afterward, a formal moderator started to post like "hey this place sucks, you better check this other forum out. I'm there and it's so much nicer..." I was just shocked!!


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