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Using Multiple Sliders In Cubase Sx3


I use Cubase SX v3.I would like to ask how you can select tracks (MIDI tracks, that is) and use their volume sliders on the mixer simultaneously.I know you can create a group track, but that only seems to be the case for Audio tracks.I also remember there is a way to do what I am looking for (used to do it years ago) but I forgot how to do it. Any help will be much appreciated.I also tried using a group track, had a look through the manual, but the bit on group tracks might as well have been written in Chinese.Can't make heads or tails of it.Update:I found now what I was looking for (the method I was using long agao).I remembered that you had to <CTRL> click on the channels you wanted to select simultaneously, but I had forgotten that you had to right click then and select "Link Channels".That is what I wanted to achieve.


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