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Increasing Folder Sharing Limit? Create a shortcut in desktop to other computer


Increasing Folder Sharing Limit?Create a shortcut in desktop to other computer

How to increase my shared folder for more than 10 in my desktop that has a Windows XP operating system????

The max number of allowed users is 10, but I need to increse it more than that...

-question by Abaie


for me its not 10i think its unlimited for meis your xp genuine if then try contactin ms officials


Could this possibly have something to do with the limit of 10 TCP connections per machine for windows XP? Its some sort of security feature, the idea being that the computer can only have a connection 10 other computers at any one time, thus if it is infected it can only infect another 10 computers. They failed to realize that those 10 can then infect another 10 and so on... so it really doesnt do anything except delay the infection about 2 seconds.Try googling "windows xp 10 connection TCP limit" and see what happens.


These answers are really fantastic. I think a tweak in the TCPIP settings will help remove this problem. Look for 'TCPIP tweaks' or 'speed up internet connection' may help your cause.Some programs are frreely found for such tweeks. I have a linux machine which works perfectly fine in the college with squid and wine installed.


About SharingIncreasing Folder Sharing Limit?

I have a LAN of 50 clients... But my server window is xp and I can share files and folder to only 10 persons! I want to share folders to all of the computers! the problem now I am having is the sever doesn't allow when all computers wants to view the shared files!

-reply by Junior


ya upper limit is 10 as per best of my knowledge


Yes dear friends according to me also if I am not mistaken then the max limit is ten only in windows XP you can get more of that limit in Windows Server 2000 or higher.?


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