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Best Tools/structure For Business Social Promotion


Just like the fax, email, and website technologies, Web 2.0 applications, and social networking tools/sites are becoming mainstream for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

There are numerous things to consider when planning, organizing, and implementing these fast evolving opportunities.

Besides the vast websites who offer web applications, and social platforms, there are many other things to consider to execute a secure, professional, and successful web 2.0 social platform.

One interesting website which contains tons of popular and interesting websites offering all kinds of different useful stuff is...

Various options including proper startup foundation requirements, tutorials, webinars, consultants,softward, whitepapers, articles,reviews, wikis, and other helpful recourses exist all over the internet.

There is growing interest in this arena, and with so many advancements, and things involved with getting started, ideas and information on this topic would be interesting and help.

Various topics including advantages and pitfalls- including success and failure stories.

links or offers for information showing requirements for time needed, starting, growing, reliability, and other useful advice helping provide an efficient, and understandable approach would be great.

With so many areas to discuss, it might be helpful to start a new subforum for this topic post.

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