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Misuse Of Welcoming Posts


It is observable that many users attempt to earn myCENTs by welcoming members to the forums. Following from a recent report, i have found other members, such as -Sky- and Nameless_ (although Nameless_ adds a little more to his post, but nevertheless most of it is repeated), that have been repeating themselves when welcoming members. I have sent PMs to the members i've found and have deleted some of their posts. There are bound to be others, so the Introductions forum should be monitored more.P.S. the search feature of the forum allows you to search in the Introductions forum while filtering for a certain member username.


Yeah I would agree the Introduction forum is one of those forums were repeat posts are common, heck even I have a hard time changing my introduction posts, thus the reason I stay away from that forum as long periods of time. What I have found is that usually the first 3-4 for posts cover pretty much everything you need to introduce a new member and so your left to saying hi and that's itOf course, if it is a direct copy and paste from previous intro posts then it should become warning time, but if a person is making changes to their post however subtle it might be it would be fine.


again? i have previously warned people of the same cut/paste method of greeting newcomers to the forum. well, they learned afterwards to refrain doing it again. oh well, new members, new repeat offenders. i don't go there much myself. unless i see an interesting subject line which could pique my interest and only then do i read the newbie's take at an introduction. what if shree designates the intros board as a no-post-count forum like some boards we have here? any disadvantages to that plan? there's not much to gain from posting there anyway (forum contribution-wise), if not just to inflate mycents earned, which evidently others have already found to exploit.


Something else I've seen people doing is dropping their billing referral links into their welcome posts (Nameless_ especially). Is this allowed? As a general rule we say no to referral links that give any sort of monetary or material reward - do our own links for the Xisto Billing site count (as they do give you money towards hosting)?

If they're not allowed, Nameless_ has posted loads of them: http://forums.xisto.com/search.html&highlite=%2B


Oh lord.. they will never learn.Delete the post that shows referral links. I don't think OpaQue would appreciate referral links to gain mycents.OpaQue wants Introduction to be available for newbies to gain mycent fast. So let them post few things but strict on referrals.


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