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Umm Really Messed.... help


ok first off i was approved for an upgrade to the 4th package. i ran the process and it said everything was complete, i went to my cpanel and it didnt change. i waited a few hours and still nothing. i then tryed running the process again and it said needed to be approved by admin for an upgrade. i still dont have the upgrade (showing). is it taking longer, like will i have to wait for next hosting script to run or something or has it not properly gone through? also i dont rember reading something where a process takes away hosting credits, i know some1 asked for a domain chanvge or something and they were notified that it would take 10 hosting credits, but i didnt figure it would cost for an upgrade. before the upgrade i had somewhere around 30 days of hosting and it currently says "HOSTING CREDITS : 2.90 DAYS. " but it is in green (meaning ok) so im not certain wat to think... any help would be appreciated


I will attempt to help you with my prior knowledgeI upgraded to package 2 last year, but that's when the administrator didn't introduce the new hosting credits system. However, when I requested the upgrade, it was automatic! I didn't even need to go through a process and it just upgraded. I recommend you posting the URL to your request, maybe the URL to the upgrade page (if allowed) and maybe some specific error messages/ success messages you have recieved during your upgrade process. Thank you! If you have anymore questions, I would be glad to answer them! Just reply to this topic!~ D O O G A


it wasnt auto when you got upgraded, its just the admin did it himself. but i guess since the community grows its harder and more time consuming to make the changes manually. i was told to use the https://support.xisto.com/ where you enter your forum name and pass it auto upgrades for you. i was given a completion/success message and everything seemed fine, but changes havent taken effect. yet


I had approved a package 3 for you.Post a request again at the forum and I will approve package 4 for you. Please request only if you need it.


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