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Photoshop Actions Question If the action comes to an error...


Is there a way to skip part of an action if it can not do a particular task and just move on to the next part.For example if your action were to select layer A and change the hue to green and then select layer B and change the levels. If there were no layer A it go the next step and change the hue on what ever layer you were on. So my question is how do you automaticly skip I guiess you could call them false statemts in the action?


may be u should try info for PS CS3 , u can get any help about layers...


Thanks for the link! I checked out the Actions tutorial for cs2 and got some very interesting videos. I watched most of them then it asked me to log in. I think what I need to know involves java scripting the actual .atu files maybe? That's my guess.


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