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Hello all!This is a very stupid question, but does an engagement ring really have to be in pair? I will be buying one pretty soon andI think id rather buy my partner a better stone than buy one for myself.. any thoughts on this? lol. B)


It's not a stupid question... I had no clue about anything on how rings "worked" or what I had to get. (I thought beforehand that you bought an engagement ring and "re-used" it for your wedding ring. The only extent that this would be true is if you had a wedding set where you "added on" a secondary piece to complete the wedding ring... so I was way off. )You do not have to buy engagement rings for yourself and your lucky one... only for the girl. In some circumstances, some guys opt to buy a promise ring that they wear themselves to show that they are taken. It's not really something you need to do... I'm happily engaged and I don't have a promise ring for myself.Then again, things might be different between cultures... I'm only speaking for myself and what I see as the norm in the U.S.


thanks for the inputs, allright that just saved me a few hundred dollars.. my partner keeps on giving me hint we have to move on a bit. we have been for 5 years or so now and have a year old daughter, but have no plans of getting married.. thought scares me and i do not see its worth other than tax returns. that's just me.


In all reality, being married is a symbol and bonding of two people via legalese and the whole concept of "till death do us part." Just because you're married doesn't mean that either of you love each other more or less... or at least, in my eyes, it shouldn't be. I think that the most important part of marriage is to show in this way that you really do love her and would love to spend the rest of your life with her. But in all reality, you don't need to be married to do that.Yes, there are certain benefits and caveats to being a married individual on paper, but that shouldn't be a factor in swaying your decision to get married. You HAVE to love someone before you even consider the idea of marriage... it's not just something that you should do if you've been in a relationship for a long time or what-have-you. Having a kid doesn't mandate marriage either... but I'm thinking that you're in that boat where you do love her with every bit of your being, but scared in not knowing what to expect from marriage and the stuff that comes along with it.


Usually the engagement ring has a stone and you give it to the girl when you propose. At the wedding you'll get a pair of rings.


According to me,It's perfect question...


No, not stupid at all. The only way you can learn something you don't know about is to ask, so really, there are no stupid questions.But to answer your questions. Rings are often sold in "pairs" but both are for the woman in some case, and in others you can buy a matching pair of wedding bands, one for the woman and one for the man. The mans ring is usually wider and heavier. However, I think you are asking about the pair that both rings are for the woman. They usually make a lighter ring but with a stone like diamond in it, and then a heavier solid gold band that matches the other ring by the texture or cuttings on the band. You give the engagement ring, the one with the stone, when you ask her to marry you, and then the wedding band is given during the actual wedding ceremony. So if you heart (and pocket book) desires, you can go all out with the fancy set for your girl, and buy a $20 gold band for yourself at the time of the marriage.


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