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Adobe Master Collection Cs4 Or Cs3 which one is better? cs3 or cs4


hello every one i am downloading adobe master collection cs4but i am not sure that its good or not as compared to cs 3many say adobe photoshop cs 3 is better than cs 4what do you all think thank you very much


I would go for the cs3, for a very simple reason, recently new updates always have bugs, even with top programmers at top companies, even with adobe which created programs with the highest possible quality always, they had no bugs barely, but that is my ultimate opinion, you hsould always use a version behind, that is why those persons told you that i am sure.But then, go for the adobe master collection cs3 is you are going to use all of the programs, and remember that are really good alternatives out there for free, but if you have the money then you have the goods.


thank you very much but i am downloading adobe from a free source (its just like a paid adobe or its paid adobe)but i think that cs 4 is new so it will have more features than cs 3 and many there would be many fixes from cs 3 what do you think.............


CS4 is of course, better, because it is newer version, it has a lot of bugs fixed, it has a new features so I preffer it. But of course, I am still working only on GIMP for now. I used CS4 and I was impressed by it. I am going to use it again in near future. But CS3 is rubbish. I do not like it. It is very slow too. So that is it. I vote for CS4. I am planning new creation, and I will make it with Illustrator and Photoshop CS4, and I will present it to you.


As much as it is a "free" source, in a year it will be null out, adobe did the same thing with CS3, but as for product CS4 is far more superior then CS3 and I tell you why. The first one is that it comes with its own remote desktop software ala connectnow, 2. Dreamweaver comes with a live view of your website, meaning that if you connect Dreamweaver to your hosting account or your personal server, you get to see the PHP, ASP scripts go live. 3. The software is completely streamline or rather better streamlined then CS3. 4. The software layouts are easily customizable to what kind of designer you are and this is most prominent in Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


i have cs3 right now. all i can say is cs4 is worth the upgrade! go for it! why stay behind when there are tons of new stuff out there?!

Alex Cicala

CS4 is of course, better, because it is newer version, it has a lot of bugs fixed

This is not entirely true, the reason is Adobe realeased some updates to the CS3 range following CS4's release. These updates have fixed bugs and what not. Yes CS4 does indeed have new features, including tool updates and 3d in PS, but I don't agree with the fact that it is better, CS4 has new bugs with certain GPU's and also certain processors, There are some problems with XP that I experienced aswell. CS3 still requires less RAM then CS4 that means it is more usable for people with lower end systems. Also products in the CS3 range in my opinion are faster to work with than CS4.


i prefer cs3 (Cs3 rocks) i never use cs4.


hey nice posts...........i think cs 3 is the best as compared to cs 4 right but i dont think that cs 3 will have as much features as cs 4but then also as many of us told cs3 is the best...........but please tell me some more features or problems with cs 3 or cs 4thank you very much........................


I think CS4 is better. I'm currently a Graphic Design student about to finish up my 4th year. My school never ever stayed behind, in reality the industry almost immediately switches to the new software just to stick ahead of the game. CS3 imo is not very much different to CS4 but CS4 is a little bit more well rounded for all areas of medias and is just bottom line.. More powerful.

 Just saying is if you want to stick with the professionals you might want to jump up to CS4. I'm not saying some companies don't still use CS3, I'm pretty sure some do.. But if they do then they're usually not a very high end company

 New software will always have bugs, some of you need to get used to this! Back in the day there were glitches and bugs in everything! but we learned to deal with it

-reply by Xiox


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