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Need Assistance With Excel How to build a quote sheet


I'm trying to build a quote sheet for our company. Basically, I have made a master parts list with prices, quantities, and descriptions on one worksheet and a quote sheet on another. What I want to get accomplished is this:


When I'm on the master sheet, I will modify the quantity numbers to incur a change from 0. What I want to happen on the quote sheet is that the quote sheet will automatically insert the data (description of item, quantity, and total price) from the row that has a positive quantity onto that worksheet. Finally, I want a total cost figure cell that will move down as more items are added to the quote sheet and that can get a sum of the total costs to display the final project cost.


Attached are screenshots to help explain what I'm trying to do:




Can someone help me out? Is this even possible? (I think it might be with dynamic ranges and whatnot, but Google-fu confused the crap out of me.)


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