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Most of you seen my topics of asking advice- was to shy to ask this girl out, but you guys really helped me!


Thank You!


Okay so at the end of the day i go wait for her and she came walking down with her friends i go up to her and say exactly this

Me: Hey are you Kathalyn

Her: No

Me: Oh than Kate?

Her: No

Me: Did you get my text?

Her: No

Me: Is your number *******

Her: No

Me: ight


After that i just left because i didn't have time and she is lying to every question i asked her


She lied to me her name is Kathalyn and Kate her nickname for sure! She lying about the phone number to. Its her number really because her friends told me (I'm positive)


Finally i had the balls to go up to someone and talk to them

I also learned my lesson not to ever get someone to ask a girl out for me


I want to thank everyone who has helped me in my topics and even though it didn't turn out well atleast you guys taught me to talk to someone.


Last questions: Should i give up? and her lying to me does it mean she don't like me?


Crap, that's a bad person, one thing is to be shy and everything and another very different is to be lying (if it can be called really lying anyway, since you already know all that is false). I don't know, it depends on what you think you want to keep on doing. We can know that you have interest in her, and maybe a big one, but it depends on you to tell yourself that it's all worth it, or it isn't. I don't know the way she answered that questions to you, so it's hard trying to get her atittude to me. But again, what she did was cruel, if she already noticed that you had a hard time to get to talk to her, and doing this already,... it's up to you. When you ask if she don't like you, I guess the only time where she can think of you was from the first time you met her, maybe she wasn't paying too much attention to you as you were to her.But I'm glad you took this so well


She said no in a nice way to be honest and i will still love her in my heart even though what happen today.Well i guess I'll just give upQuestion: You think i can ask her again in like a month or two? she will probably forget about what happen and plus next time i'm going to come up to her and ask do you want to go out.Question: Could you call that a rejection? all the answers were no, but in a nice way.also i sent her a text when i came back from skool"hey y did u lie to me earlier if u didnt like me u should of told me instead of lyingalso i just wanted to be friend with u"


Anyway, just think it the following way, if she really wanted to keep conversation, or be nice, or at least, TRY to lie better, she could have said "No, my name is #####"; but she didn't. If someone asked me that with interest I would obviously say my name. And honestly, I don't think she will forget in 1 or 2 months what has just happened. And again, you have to get to know her a little before asking her out. Asking her out of nowhere isn't a good way to get people go out with you; get to know you and trust you a little and then try.Ah, and by the way, there is a spanish proverb that says ("Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda"); what it means is that even if a monkey were to wear silk, he stills remains as a monkey; even though it can't be fully applicable to this case, a beauty looking girl can be a bad girl. Don't let appearances blind you.


Now i can't stop thinking about her shes always in my mind :DWhat should i do? in class i was to busy thinking about her and what happened when i tried to talk to her


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