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Help In Playing .pls In Flash. To create online radio.


Hi there, anybody with flash, flex, actionscript skills? Is there any way we can embed online radio stations into a flash file (.swf)? The radio streams are generally playlist files of .pls extension. Basically I want people to be able to listen music directly from website without downloading any kind of files and using standalone players for listening. I just cant figure a way to achieve this. Google search results in links to freeleancer websites who have posted projects to have this done for a price. Is this so difficult? No free resources on net.

Currently the closest alternative I could find out was by using XSPF (pronounced "spiff") (XML Shareable Playlist Format). There's a flash player for it which does the job. But the problem is there aren't any radio stations which have there playlists in this format and none for which I wanted. So is there anyway to add .pls into flash or atleast any other alternative which lets .pls play on browser?


Well as far as know It isn't possible for any coder. As you stated above there are some developers who did this but they must be highly skilled. Unfortunetly I'm not that skilled so I can't help you. I haven't heared yet about the XSPFs but usually music is played in flash direct linked from flash itself or using XML which is much more dynamic. I know how to make and AS3 dynamic MP3 player that parses songs via XML in flash. But that way you'll have to store the songs on the server or somewhere online and link them to the XML which will parse them in flash. If you want I can help you in this matter. I've posted a tutorial in the tutorial forum, on how to make an mp3 player in flash AS3&XML. It should be accepted soon... I think. If you have anymore questions?


But that way you'll have to store the songs on the server or somewhere online and link them to the XML which will parse them in flash.

Yes, that's the same thing happening in XSPF's too, but the same problem, we have to manually add songs to the list. I was just thinking, if I would make a script to fetch the links from pls and update it on to xml. It may be a bit confusing to code it, but once done it should work perfectly. Isn't it? There are very nice and cute flash players playing XSPF. If this doesn't work out I would even try my hand at php, but the ultimate goal is to handle pls on browser. Anyway let's see how it turns out. And would have a look at your tutorial.


Hi,It is possible to play .pls in Flash but not to embed them in a .swf as far as I know. I know the guys that made RadioTuna (http://radiotuna.com/) and they use Flash to play shoutcast streams in a browser.If you have a shoutcast server, it's relatively easy to set up... I can pass on any questions if you like.


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