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Xisto Hosting Email Problem


Please help me if you have any idea what is going on here. I have xisto hosting through Xisto and bought my domain name through 1and1.com. I set up an email account on my 1and1 control panel and I can send emails out to other addresses and it works fine but when I try to send to the address it bounces. Does this have something to do with my nameservers? Please help if you know anything about this type of problem. Thanks.


Have you tried sending an email to Xisto - Support(dot)com ? You have to mention your domain, complete details about your problem and your Cpanel details

Mr Inviso

asdftheking, I had a heck of a time figuring the mail thing out. I had similar problems with a domain name purchased and registered at go daddy. I know their are other folks on this board who can give you the whole answer. But here is what I got so far. I have used other free cpanel hosts before and their was an option under the mail tab in cpanel to use a few different mail programs, one of them was called squirrel. Well I never could find such options here at xisto. After reading all of the cpanel docs I was still lost. Well I kept seeing posts about how people were using Google apps. for their mail. So I wandered over there and set up an account. It's free and they let you have up to fifty email addresses @yourdomainname.com or whatever. For me the whole trick to setting it up was figuring out that I needed to enter the MX records that google gave me into the MX records portion of my xisto cpanel. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong the first time, but the records wouldn't verify at googles end. It works fine now and I'm happy. The MX records take a bit to verify so be patient. I think the big picture here is that xisto doesn't want junk mail hogging their resources, so they don't offer that option in cpanel. I don't blame them one bit. One other thing. The MX records that you get from google are a bit confusing. You'll get about six if I remember right. Some of them have the same priority value and when you enter them into you xisto cpanel MX records they cancel out the last one entered with that same priorty value. I'm thinking that you can give them any priority value that you want as long as their are no duplicates. A question for the GURU's Are their any alternatives to the google route?


Mr Invisio,

Thank you for posting

I think the big picture here is that xisto doesn't want junk mail hogging their resources, so they don't offer that option in cpanel

Absolutely correct, this is one of the reasons why we offer Google Apps. The other reason we offer Google apps is because clients usually completely depend on mail or hardly depend on it, the ones who depend on mails cannot afford to have the mail servers go down even for a few minutes. And there are cases where one spammer can cause the complete cluster to go down. So you can say that we offer Google Apps because it is easy to use, reliable and secure.

Coming to the verification part , there are two ways of verifying your Google Apps :-

1. Upload a html file
2. Add a Cname string in your accounts DNS

The MX records are simply used to make sure that the mail reaches you. Xisto normally creates google apps accounts for you by adding the Cname record and Mx records so you do not have to do much. I always recommend that members contact support if they face as any issues as that reduces the delay

Now squirrel mail and so on are WEBMAIL which is present in the CPanel, we do not offer that currently but are making plans to ensure clients who truly need webmail get it.


Now I'm just plain ticked off and tired of Google apps. I'm trying and trying to register but Google apps tells me that the page is already registered. I don't know who would have my page registered, especially considering that I have the page registered in Google webmaster. Google needs to get their mess together in my opinion.At the same time I can register another domain in Google Apps which I also have in Webmaster and there is no problem, except for the fact that it's not the domain I need to register. I'm about ready to shove an App down Google's throat...


Lol I would recommend you send a support ticket with your domain name.. If you are hosted with us then there is a chance that one of my colleagues has done the registration part for you already


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