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Gimp Shop For Gimp Makes Gimp look and act like Photoshop

Mr Inviso

I have been using Photoshop 7 for years. Well it has started acting funny as of late. It keeps locking up on me. And I can't find my Photoshop CD to reinstall it. So I thought I'd give Gimp a try. While downloading Gimp from Source Forge I noticed an ad for GimpShop. While I have heard a lot of good things about Gimp. I haven't heard anything about GimpShop. I have never used Gimp before and the idea of learning a whole new program seems daunting at this time. Does anyone have experince with this program?


I use the GIMP for my graphic editing needs (wants). You're better off going with the original GIMP. GIMPShop is usually out of date. A change in UI environment isn't a burden, it's something people should expect with every program—and you get used to it. People didn't switch to Photoshop, for example, because it looked like MS Paint. People will only miss out on stuff if the deciding factor on whether or not to use or switch to something is because it's new to a person (what program do people know from birth?). You'll find a lot of the same things found in Photoshop in the GIMP. If you know how to access menus and read, then you won't have trouble finding anything. But if you want to continue using Photoshop in hopes of it getting better, your choice.


I can't recommend GIMPShop because now because of it I can't run GIMP 2.6. And I can't remove (the traditional way - through Synatpic) the old GIMP either, because running gimp in a command line still runs the old 2.2 (from Ubuntu 7.10 from which I upgraded).

It's really nice that you chose to not use Photoshop, because using GIMP will make you to get better with other counter-parts of commercial software like Corel and you won't pay a dime and still will get the same functionality.

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