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Escan (av) Updater Slows Down My Pc I cant do anything but wait until it loads the updates


My PC: Intel Pentiem D 2.80 Ghz (Dual core), FSB 800Mhz, ASUS motherboard (can't remember the model), 512 Mb RAM. Windows XP SP3.Every time I connect to Internet, my antivirus, eScan, looks for updates, and downloads them. That's not a big deal, and doesn't consume much memory.The problem started last year, and it happens when eScan loads the updates to its engine. To do that, it has to disable the engine and re-enable it again. I don't know why it can't just add the updates to the database, it just does it the hard way. So, as you can assume, every thing goes so slow that all I can do is wait there until it does that job.Can you imagine trying to move along a webpage, specially one with lots of javascript like Gmail or Facebook's homepage, while this *BLEEP*y antivirus loads? Everything gets stuck and sometimes Firefox crashes (version 3.0.5, sometimes 3.1b2)So, I would like to know if you can help me or tell me some way to avoid this problems. I know that I should get more RAM, but this didn't happen a few months ago, and I had the same PC and antivirus. Maybe it's because I updated the Updater (that sentence was quite redundant)? Shouldn't it be better?


Well thats quite a problem indeed! I mean, I understand that an anti-virus could slow things down a bit while updating...but not that much. What kind of internet connection do you have? Is it possible that the anti virus is using most or all of it? Have you checked their troubleshooting guide? Maybe you could disable updates, and only do it once and a while, like when you're sleeping. Or even thought about maybe a new anti virus? I used to use Avast. I was quite good..and free! I despise Norton. It's very slow and way too cautious...But yeah, reply back with some more info on what happens (if anything)


Disable the Anti-virus you have currently and load NOD32. It costs money, but with your system, it will be worth it. Next to zero lag, even during an update.Optionally, try updating your RAM. 512Mb is fairly small with today's software, especially if you have to allow for Graphics in the chipset. RAM cards are cheap.


First uninstall your antivirus. There is no use with that if that antivirus is using all your resources...there are many free alternatives for antiviruses which use very little amount of RAM. One of them is AVIRA Antivirus Persoanl. Download and install Avira Antivirus. Its free and very light weight antivirus. I can say for sure, it is better than many paid antiviruses. It uses a very little RAM. I am using it on my 256MB RAM computer without any problems. So no need to worry about its usage of resources. And its detection rate is very good. Give it a try..


Thanks a lot for your advise, everyone.


cemeteryrecords: You asked about my internet connection, it's 512Kbps DSL. But I don't think the main problem is with the connection, but with the whole system.


So the thing is, whether I add more RAM, or get another antivirus. My dad and I have talked about buying more memory (the computer is his, I live with my parents), and asking in some PC shops, we found out that the motherboard (ASUS P5VDC-MX) supports one type of RAM memory that isn't sold here in Uruguay any longer since it is quite old. So if I want to upgrade the RAM, I have to buy a new motherboard, and that's what makes it expensive.


jlhaslip and xpress: I've been also doing some research for other antivirus software, and learnt about AVIRA Antivirus Personal, NOD32, Avast! and AVG Free. They seem to be the best. Thanks for your recommendations.


I'll keep trying to find out if there's a chance to stop eScan from consuming so much memory and CPU when updating until I discuss this issue with my father. There must be a way to make it go smoother. If anyone knows, I'm still open to suggestions.


Thanks to all who answered, Andr?s.


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