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Need Advice Concerning A Shy Nerdy Girl!


then one week later, while i was going to the student building i happened to stumble upon her and b4 i even got close enough to say hi or anything... she looked at me like she saw a ghost and took off. then one month later, while i was alone in the student buidling she came in and made eye contact with me until she sat down. she didnt sit facing me but she was there the until time that i was there, i SOOO wanted to talk to her but i couldn't... *judging from this wouldn't YOU agree that she wasn't scared of me but probably left with that expression for another reason right?-I'M LOST AND CURIOUS ABOUT THIS B/C IT HAS BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE I ACTUALLY HAD THIS CONVERSATION WITH HER AND NOW AND THEN WHENEVER WE CROSSED PATH SHE WOULD TAKE OUT HER PHONE AND PRETEND LIKE SHE IS DOING SOMETHING, BUT WHENEVER WE ARE IN A BUILDING AND I AM NOT AWARE THAT SHE IS AROUND, SHE WOULD CONSTANTLY GLANCE AT ME UNTIL WE MAKE SOLID EYE CONTACT FOR AT LEAST 5-6 SECONDS, I WOULD TRY NOT TO LOOK AT HER TO MUCH... WHICH IM STUPID BUT YEAH IT IS SO CONFUSING...... PLZ FEEL FREE TO MAKE ANY SUGGESTIONS!


this is weird. in all of those encounters do you even say hello or treat her as a person? from what you wrote, your interactions with this girl seem awkward and embarrassing. and your post appear to be missing one whole paragraph...


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