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Standardized Warning Messages


I was thinking, since we use the warning system a lot, maybe we can create a standard way to post warning messages. Afterall, unless the member is completely suspended, they will still be able to view their warnings and why they have posting disabled. I think that there may be one or two legit members out there who have their posting disabled from misunderstandings. Perhaps we could post something similar to this:"Your warning was increased because of the following: You have posted links to spamming websites.If you have any questions or concerns, or if you believe that this is an error, please send a Private Message to the moderator who has warned you. If you provide a reasonable explanation, the moderator will remove restrictions at his or her rational discretion.Notes: Your posting has been disabled indefinitely as of Jan 1st, 2008."


As long as the member I warn is clearly not an automated spambot, I put that sort of information in a PM or email to the member. That way it doesn't clutter up the Warnings page, but the member still gets information about what to do. You can also show off BBCodes in a PM (such as Quote tags ) which you can't do in the Warnings.

electriic ink

This is a terrible idea. Do we really need generic cut-'n'-paste messages when we warn members? I'm perfectly capable of typing it out all by myself. If it ain't broke....


I worked on this approach a while ago, and almost had it working as a Cut and paste page for the Moderators to use, but there were several issues.Firstly, there are differences in the javascript between Browsers, so something that worked in Firefox failed in IE and vice versa.Secondly, it was difficult to arrange the Warnings to make the wording standard so that they were accurately portraying the reason for the Warnings.For quite a long time there was a Moderator's Page under the Custom Pages section here. I used it occasionally, but it meant having an open tab/window to cut and paste from and assemble the text block. Often it was easier and faster to just type the messages into the Warning.


Hmm I guess that the copying and paste thing isn't the best idea... mainly I was trying to emphasize that since we're being quite strict sometimes with the warnings, we should try to give some honest but confused members a chance to defend themselves. Obviously, there are many spam bots that post spam links, but there are also some members who just suck at using forums. lolAll in all, sorry for the confusion =P


I had a script running as Greasemonkey add-on script and was working fine until the FF upgrade.


I had it so that it shows me a dropdown box when I went to adjust warning. When I selected a message, very similar to topic-multi-moderation we've been using, and it will fill in the pre-stated message and also the same message as PM. So basically one click made 3 moves: 1) announce and leave note why and what the warning is for 2) fill in the PM subject line 3) fill in the same warning message as #1.


Figure 1.



But since the FF upgrade I was locked out. I think it's a security breach. here is the code


// ==UserScript==// @name IPB moderator reasonator// @namespace http://Xisto.com/forums// @description Provides a select box with common reasons to warn people on the IPB warning page// @include http://forums.xisto.com/index.php?act=warn&type=add;*// ==/UserScript==textarea = document.getElementsByName('reason')[0]parent = textarea.parentNodebr = document.createElement('br')//The drop down menuselect = document.createElement('select')select.setAttribute('onchange','warn_add_reason(this.value)')//Now lets create the "append rules link" buttonbutton = document.createElement('input')button.type = "button"button.value = "append Xisto Readme"button.setAttribute('onclick','warn_add_rules()')//Add the reasonsreasons = new Array()reasons[0] = new Array("Select a reason","") //Do not changereasons[1] = new Array("--Warning review","Member review: 30 or more days without an incident.")reasons[2] = new Array("No referral links","Absolutely, under any circumstance, NO referral link is allowed in our forum.")reasons[3] = new Array("Spamming - one liner","Short, brief or one-liner is considered spam in our forum.")reasons[4] = new Array("Spamming - copy & paste","Copying and pasting from another source is spam in our forum.")reasons[5] = new Array("Spam - filthy & expletive","Posting expletive material and content that is against our forum rules.")reasons[6] = new Array("Multiple consecutive posts","You have created several consecutive posts in one thread. This is usually regarded as spam.")reasons[7] = new Array("Linking to a site/program with relation to hacking","You have linked to a site with relation to hacking it, this is against our rules. I have removed your thread.")reasons[8] = new Array("Asking for warez","You have asked where you can get illegal programs/music/films.")reasons[9] = new Array("Giving link to warez","You have given links to illegal programs/music/films.")reasons[10] = new Array("Ignoring notice","You have decided to ignore admin's notice.")for (i=0; i<reasons.length; i++){ eval("child_"+i+" = document.createElement('option')") reason = escape(reasons[i][1]) //so quotes can be used eval("child_"+i+".value = '"+reason+"'") eval("child_"+i+".innerHTML = '"+reasons[i][0]+"'") eval("select.appendChild(child_"+i+")")}parent.insertBefore(select,textarea)parent.insertBefore(button,textarea)parent.insertBefore(br,textarea)// executed from within the pagefunction warn_add_reason(reason){ document.getElementsByName('reason')[0].value = unescape(reason) // add to PM box according to reasons document.getElementsByName('subject')[0].value = "Warning level adjusted" document.getElementsByName('contact')[0].value = unescape(reason)}function warn_add_rules(){ //domain = location.href.substr(0,location.href.substring(8,location.href.length).indexOf("/")+8) //get the domain name domain = window.location.host document.getElementsByName('reason')[0].value += "\n[url=\"http://"+domain+"/forums/?act=Help&CODE=01&HID=18\"]Xisto Readme[/url]" // add to PM box when clicked document.getElementsByName('contact')[0].value += "\n[url=\"http://"+domain+"/forums/?act=Help&CODE=01&HID=18\"]Xisto Readme[/url]"}unsafeWindow.eval(warn_add_reason.toString())unsafeWindow.eval(warn_add_rules.toString())

If you can fix it to work with the current FF version, perhaps it may make it easier for you to issue warning messages? You don't have to open another window to cut and paste. And you can insert your own reasons to make it more customizable.


You can also use this to add messages when lowering the warning level.


What I was not able to do was to append Xisto Readme when I clicked on the button. I wanted to have the option to append to the dropdown message whenever I wanted to. But the problem was that 1) I don't know about java and 2) when I did click on the button, it would replace the whole message. the Xisto Readme button would override the dropdown message.


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