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5 Apps You Run That Suck, And 5 Replacements That Don't


Hi Everyone -

Here's a website listing some lightweight, free alternatives to other, more bloated software you may be using:


If you're on the lookout for software that's smaller and faster, check out these five programs reviewed here, and help lighten the load on your CPU and hard drive.


I've heard of FoxIt, and I was wary, but since I'm on a work computer now I figured I'd give it a try here.Already it has props because it doesn't annoy you with having to update every single darn time you run the program, and it doesn't throw in a background service to allow for "faster startup" (or at least I don't see one). Opening a 51MB PDF file now takes under a few seconds. Major recommendations for FoxIt for PDF application. Nero is one horrible piece of junk that is very much like Adobe in taking up half a gig of valuable hard drive space when alternatives like Infrarecorder are free and much, much smaller. (Has anyone in the WORLD found a use for Nero Scout?) Sure, I still need Nero for NeroVision, but hopefully, I'll find a good peer-reviewed solution for burning my videos to DVDs playable on most DVD players.I will fully attest to 7-Zip being a far-superior compression utility... and it's free. WinZip is pretty much free since you can always suppress the registration/buy-me prompts, but why stick with garbage when you can have something that works better?uTorrent is also my torrent client of choice... and I'm fortunate enough to have found it as my first. I tried clients like Azureus afterwards, but found out that uTorrent is pretty darn simple, not to mention small and not very taxing on resources. Never tried BitComet, but from what the article says about its annoyances, I'll steer clear.Keep your eyes peeled for open source, free programs out there. There seems to be an alternative for everything nowadays... and I don't doubt that they're better than proprietary choices, but personally, I'll let everyone else play guinea pig and do the recommending before I make my dive in and bolster reputability as well.


I use foxit reader, it's good and it's free and it works much better and faster than adobe, adobe care too much about usability and forget that a balance of speed and performance is required to make the product successful.


I am using three applications in the list utorrent, foxit and 7-zip. I liked that review there. That is really nice and funny as well. Everybody should know about these light weight alternatives. Most people don't know about these... I agree with you kobra500 about adobe reader. That is getting worse with every new version. The installation size is increasing...and the outcome is decreasing.


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