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New Account Order Failing For Me, Ideal plan, jlhaslip.trap17.com


Attachments showing the main order page as selected, the Add-ons page (none chosen), the domain page listing the jlhaslip . Xisto . com subdomain request, and the Empty Cart page that results.


I tried and I got.Description PriceLinux Regular Hosting - Ideal Plan (jlhaslip.trap17.com)$11.00 USD[Edit Configuration] Subtotal: $11.00 USDTotal Due Today: $11.00 USDTotal Recurring: Please try again on your end and also try by using simply jlhaslip.com (without sub-domain.. you get a domain free by purchasing a yearly package)-Shree


Both the sub-domain and the full Domain fail again.Same price ($11.00 per month), but when I get to the checkout page, the button to confirm and purchase are not available, as per the fourth image above.


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