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Member: Daftpunk


Members website daftpunk.trap17.com contains inappropriate adverts...



The ad is a direct link to megadesire.com, which makes me think it was intentional since there is no referral.


Going to the website itself actually caused my browser to temporarily freeze and then later crash....


i get megadesire.net typo? it's incorrectly linked however (in some instances), which may be the cause of your browser freeze and crash. when the link starts with hthttp://, it prompts the browser to download some kind of application (at least that's how google chrome reported it) to open the link.


in some cases however (after page refresh), it is correctly linked, and i should think would not pose a problem on the browser. a quick view source however reveals it is an iframed referral link, although they managed to cloak the banner with the domain name aforementioned.


as for the inappropriate advert, i think it may be objectionable but daftpunk may have read opaque's post which pertains to porn content/links on member websites. in summary, i think this porn prohibition has been somehow relaxed. i don't suppose we can enforce a turnaround and go against opaque's word. opaque will have the final say still though.


I can see why it would have frozen your browser, kubi.The moment I entered the website, it was trying to load so many other sites for information and tracking cookies that the browser was basically refreshing for newer information every second. I'm not sure if it's a clever way of popping up so many other sites without actually popping up--if you get paid for X pages viewed, chances are my browser loaded 20 pop ups without actually popping up in my screen. I guess he gets paid for doing that.Never the less, no we cannot do anything to terminate his hosting. But you can place warning so that he stops earning myCENT. But you have to follow our moderating rules. So yes, ours hands are tied as long as this member stays within our forum rules.Double edged sword but I'm sure OpaQue will know sooner or later.


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