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Image In Vb.net From Url


I've been doing some research for my latest project, and I need to get Images from my website into my application (uploaded Avatars).It's all working that the image buffers until its done, then changes the image over once its done. But I don't know if theres a way toautomaticly resize the image once its been buffered? Say my picturebox is 100 by 100, and they use a link to a 350 by 100 picture insteador even a 200, 200. (the different ratios). Would I have to use something like GDI to edit the image or is there a setting I don't know aboutthat does this for me?


If you are using a picture box to display it...i think i know how to do it...I have been using the same thing in my project ...

well....In the properties window of the picture box...set the sizemode property to stretchimage....

It is set to normal by default....It stretches the image to fit in the picturebox.....


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