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Problem With Screening Applications It appears to have trouble loading the page


I have marked three applications as "SCREENED" today, in the last hour or so.Each time, I selected the "Screened" from the Multi-Mod drop-down and clicked "go", the Browser seemed to take forever to re-load (complete), so I felt it necessary to use the STOP button on the Browser bar. Upon selecting to refresh the Forum to the same application, the App would always be marked as Screened, even thought the process was not reloading in the browser properly. Wonder if there is something going on with the myCents process for that?


I am still waiting for OpaQue's answer if we should continue with the current hosting request process or direct them to sign up with Billing and do the process from there. And so I am holding approval for now.myCENT is definitely putting stress on the server. Every 10 minutes or so I am timed out from the forum. I have to wait about 2 minutes and refresh to see it again.


Okay, then I will stop SCREENing the Applications and direct the members to the Billing link at xisto.Should the members currently awaiting Admin Approval be advised to do the same yet?Any idea when the transfer will be completed? A week? a Month? The transition will take some more time, I assume.


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