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This is my first post on here, so wanted to leave some feedBack about my 1st impressions of the site.Although it said "Support and FeedBack", none of the options from there actualy allow for just plain feedback, but I figured this was the closest option to it, plus now I do have a suggestion, perhaps also having a Feedback in the Support and FeedBack section of the forum.What I wanted to say as feedback, ad my first impression, is that the web site is very impressive. Flash has been used very wisely, and makes the site look, and sound great. The site itself, would have the be the flashiest hosting site I have ever seen in fact, and the fact it's free is incredible.


Im glad you agree...I have been with Xisto for ages now, and am very impressed by their service!And if I had any problems or questions the owner was always there to help, And now, I help people


It's good to hear another person agree and say that Xisto is a great hosting company with a "flashy" layout. I myself have been here for just about 2 months now and the service is just terrific. Hosting is hardly down, if so then for maintenance, and all the features you get for free is insane. Members, moderators, and admins who are knowlegeable with scripting, languages, and more are almost always here to help. So I hope you enjoy your Xisto experience.


Hello, Welcome to Xisto. Thanks for the complement and the vote of support. Please enjoy your stay. We are still a young company and learning from our mistakes. Well, But compared to other providers (of those who close down), we have gained a lot of experience in this field. Its our members views and support which has made this site possible.-OpaQue


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