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Help Regarding How To Start? I need help


Lets say one wants to build a 3D engine.Where does one finds all the answers on how, when and where?I've searched for guides and things related to a 3D engine - how its build, why it is build and etc.What I need is a reference on where to start, where shall I begin, guides I can find, guidlines to where I can find tutorials of many kindsI am familiar with C++ but more familiar with C# - Not that there is much difference between the commands, I've taken a good look at the source code of Half Life 2 - Not to hard to understand.Now, I know what I want to do with the engine.I know what kind of game I want, I actually know part of the story.I don't have a team yet, but I figured that anyone wants to join a game production that actually does something, so...Can any one offer help?


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